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Stores management solution based on wireless technologies


Project 1: Self shopping solution with RFID: Digiprice actively participated in the implementation of an RFID solution for:

– simultaneous read up to 40 items in a dedicated rfid space

– use of RFID as anti-theft system

– Reduction of time waiting at the POS with a solution of free service

Under this project Digiprice provided to the final integrator and architect the software and hardware

Project 2: Full RFID tag store Solution: Lingerie Store, Digiprice has provided a complete solution for non-contact:

– Encoding tags / source tagging

– Articles management on arrival in stores since the distribution center

– Quick Inventory items with handheld reader

– Automatic POS solution

– use of RFID as anti-theft system

Project 3: NFC member card: For a well-known brand, establishing a solution of NFC member card

– Definition of needs

– Technology Solution for the use of the old membership card

– Card manufacturing

– Definition and implementation of software management on a international base

These three projects are representative of the knowledge of Digiprice and our ability to implement solutions tailored to your needs.